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Forum Staff & Ranks Informaton Thread Empty Forum Staff & Ranks Informaton Thread

Post by Will Jones on Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:39 am

This thread is a list of all the good, bad, normal ranks around the forum. It also lists the staff members whether they be trainee, or fully trained.

Posting ranks automatically move up when you reach a certain amount of posts. Do not spam, or we will have to disable this feature. Don't ruin it for everyone else Wink

Trainee Writer - 0 posts
Beginner Writer - 30 posts
Advanced Writer - 100 posts
Expert Writer - 200 posts
Pro Writer - 300 posts
Brill Writer - 500+ posts

How do I change my rank?
You cannot change your rank. Administrators and moderators can; but do not ask them. They will not change your rank at anytime.

Administrators are high ranks of The Examiner or have done something very helpful to the community. They have full powers over the community. Do not ask them to become a moderator because they will ignore you and the more you ask, less chance you will become one.

Stala - Examiner Owner
Pen Rua - Examiner Publisher
Will Jones - Forum Owner & Examiner Assistant Manager

Moderators also have high ranks; but not as many powers as administrators. To become a moderator, you have to be a good poster and very dedicated to the team.

None - Forum Moderator

Former Staff
We thank them for their time.

Steve Green - Former Examiner Assistant Manager

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