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0. Town

Daniel had never been to the other side of Willsborough. He was walking casually along the dusted and musty dirt track on the way home. He was on his way back from the Willborough School were he had gone to a party of the Black Arms. Black Arms was a peace society and was a rival of the Horford Dogs Band, another peace society. They each hated each other and every year there was a large rugby match between them and it was always vicious, even though they were peace clubs. The Black Arms had won by five points and they had had a party to celebrate. Daniel was one of the members of The Black Arms or BA for short. It was raining, his phone was low, it was dark and he could he the rustle of trees brushing in the wind. As he made his way along, he hear the rumble of a car behind him coming up the path. Daniel had expected the car to keep going but instead stopped by him. It was Alex, a member of BA, but his Father with him had been a member of Horford Dogs Band as a young boy. He was on his way home as well and his Father was driving him back. His Dad was rich from working for the local newspaper and was starting on the piece about the rugby game and the rivalry. They offered him a lift home and Daniel decided it would be better to come with him than get soaked.

1. Road

Inspector Fields drove up into Willsborough. He was with his wife, Jackie, and 16 year old daughter Liz. They had come to stay for the weekend as a short family holiday. They stopped by Willsborough School‘s playing field and got out. A bunch of boys were practising rugby on the field as part of there sports lessons. They got out of the car and met a lady walking down. They were expecting to meet Jonathan, Fields’ brother and Liz’s Uncle. He was the owner of the pub down the road and his wife Carol worked at the School.
“Hello, Carol!” said Fields “It’s been long since we met”
“Yes David” said Carol “It certainly has!”
She turned towards Jackie and hugged her before meeting Liz.
“I’m afraid Jonathan is still down by the pub doing a few hours. He’ll be out soon.” Said Carol to Fields.
“So,” said Fields “Anything been happening lately?”
“No, nothing much’” said Carol “Only that earlier this year there was the local rugby match and the disappearance of Daniel Parker.”
“You what?” asked Fields
“Oh I’ve gone too far” said Carol “Daniel left the party of the celebrations and wasn’t seen the next morning.”
“Hmm” said Fields “What was this rugby match about?”
“Oh it’s a local, annual thing” said Carol “Black Arms, a piece society and The Horford Dogs Club, another piece society. They have one every year. Black Arms won by five points and Daniel is part of Black Arms. Local Police are apparently still investigating.”
“I may have to look into this…” said Fields
“Please David” said Jackie “Don’t ruin the family holiday by investigating”
“Don’t worry Dear,” said Fields. “It won’t ruin the holiday.”


Carol gave them their spare room to stay in for there stay. They soon settled in and Carol took Liz and Jackie off to look around while Fields went on his own around the town.

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